Sam Brooke

Earth science, remote sensing and code


River Kinematics and Surface Processes Onalihy intralobe avulsion - Madagascar

Landscapes are known to respond to changes in climate and tectonics, leaving behind key geomorphic indicators of fluctuations in sediment supply and water discharge. My research aims to use modern analogues of landscape response to build better statigraphic and geohazard models.

Automated Earth Observation Machine learning dune ridge detection

We are capable of observing the Earth's surface from an ever increasing array of satellite and UAVs, collecting huge quantities of data every day. I am interested in developing novel AI and machine learning tools to extract this valuable information and explore how the Earth's surface is changing both naturally and in response to humans.


Spectral Point

Project to produce a useful Google Earth Engine GUI tool to allow for rapid selection and analysis of LANDSAT 8 and Sentinel 2 datasets from point data.